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Leased Line connection is a fast, dedicated and direct to the Internet. It is designed with resilience and flexibility in mind to suit any company size, and growth to match the ever-increasing demands of your business.

Our network, combined with those of our partner suppliers, provides extensive UK coverage and scalable options to suit your business needs. From Fibre Ethernet line to EFM or EoFTTC, our service is designed to work with the best technology in your area to provide fully uncontended symmetrical bandwidth.

All of our services are supplied with ADSL backup, however the following additional options are also available: Protected, Diverse or Diverse Plus.


Fibre optic cables link your local exchange to the cabinet in your street, while the connection between the street cabinet and your premises is copper (as with an ADSL broadband connection). As copper performs well over short distances, you won’t experience any degradation in performance.


Can offer minimal disruption as the copper lines it uses are usually already present. A fast, symmetrical, cost-effective option with a quicker lead time and the resilience of multiple copper pairs.


Offers the fastest symmetrical speeds and highest reliability of all Leased Lines with the ability to rapidly increase speeds when needed.

How will Leased Line benefit your business?

Increased Productivity

Your business is the exclusive user of your connection. Identical upload and download speeds are ideal for supporting high-bandwidth applications such as video, VoIP and off-site hosted data access. Optimise your business for the latest cloud and hosted services.

Guaranteed Consistency

An industry-leading 100% availability SLA and optimum fix times means that your connection will always be resilient, reliable and at the speed you demand. A choice of failover options also provides added security and we’ll automatically redirect your traffic in the event of a line failure so your business stays connected.

Personalised support

Dedicated account management and completely unscripted UK-based technical support answered within 60 seconds.

Total Control

Monitor usage and performance through dedicated access to your own powerful, easy-to-manage portal. Our cutting-edge Sentinel system also offers proactive alerts by SMS, email or phone call in the unlikely event of any line outages.

Complete Flexibility

Plan ahead for busy periods and increase your bandwidth at any time if you’re expecting high volumes of usage over a short period, or if your business is seasonal.

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